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13 Questions podcast

Oct 11, 2020

Marty is a genuine seeker of truth. He is not afraid to discuss any issues or talk about any subject. He is not an expert on anything, nor does he declare himself any sort of guru, prophet or spiritual guide. he is certainly no saint. He often explains his role as a teacher of the mysteries and a preacher of the heart. He wishs to share with you the things he has learned along the way, the light he has gained, the wrongs he has made, and how he sees the world. The mathematical, symbolic and linguistic work that he teaches has been rooted in him own personal journey to God. He teaches about many different schools of thought, and covers many different subjects and topics, but ultimately, his main focus is that of sharing and teaching what he has come to learn about Gnostic Christianity, the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and sheer mysticism that is encoded within the Holy Bible, and moreover, how those encodings withhold a sacred science of apotheosis. He has a moral commitment and undying desire to help others understand the divine within and without. Above and below.



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