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13 Questions podcast

Jan 28, 2021

Originally from the U.S. State of California, Derek has acquired a wide range of experiences to draw from. He spent 4 years in the U.S. Army where he was stationed in Mannheim, Germany. After leaving the army he then became a Commercial Deep Sea Diver, where he would work subsurface on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. After a time, Derek moved on to manage a retail sporting goods store, work as a contractor for Microsoft, then ended up spending nearly 16 years as a Washington State Correctional Officer, all before pursuing his passion with the bees.

Derek had an interest in bees for many years but due to job changes and frequent moves it was not possible to start a hive of his own. Derek and his family were able to relocate to the Cascade Mountains of Washington State where their living situation finally allowed for multiple beehives.

Derek along with his wife Maureen are Washington State-based chemical-free beekeepers, who believe bees can and should be kept both chemical & treatment-free. Experiencing 100% beehive losses from CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder his first year of beekeeping, Derek embarked on an extensive online research campaign to find natural way to help stop the devastating bee losses from occurring.

During the winter months of 2016 Derek came across a unique mineral called Shungite. Shungite has been used in medical treatment since the early 18th century, and has the ability to block certain frequencies. Enough studies had been published by this point that it was apparent that the many frequencies within our environment (cellphones/wi-fi) were harming the bee populations, and disrupting their navigational systems.

While preparing to start new beehives in the Spring of 2017, Derek spoke with friends who were also aware of Shungite and its unique healing & frequency blocking qualities. Combining years of online research on natural health and healing remedies along with his own intuitive abilities Derek determined that Shungite could be beneficial for humans and bees alike. Between his own intuition and those discussions Derek made the decision to use Shungite with his beehives.

Initially 3 small Shungite nuggets were placed at one of the beehives entrances, then he observed. In the following weeks he painted his beehives with a mixture of Shungite powder blended into the beehives paint, providing a blanket of protection around the entire beehive. As the weeks progressed, all the while providing no other treatment of any kind for pests, disease or sickness, the bees flourished, by years end the beehive had expanding into a total of 4 healthy beehives, with no signs of any sickness or disease and none of the dreaded colony collapse disorder that’s become so prevalent amongst beekeepers.

The 2018 honeybee season is ending in Washington State, with similar results as 2017, no sickness, disease or losses in any of the Shungite Beehives.

Derek & Maureen’s goal is to continue the research and share their experience with beekeepers worldwide in hopes of helping to save our struggling bee populations.

In addition, taking advantage of their extensive research and broad knowledge on natural health and healing remedies, Derek and Maureen produce ( on their premises) a broad range of health and beauty products, many using their beehives honey and other organic components; these products are sold through their website and other marketing channels, thus helping sustain their beehive operation.

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