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13 Questions podcast

Feb 6, 2021

When Dr. Williams was just 13 years old, he suffered a spinal injury after diving into water that was too shallow. He felt a “snap” upon hitting his head on the bottom of the lake and he immediately lost feeling in his body. After a couple of hours, feeling to his feet and hands returned.

His parents took him to see a chiropractor, and after doing a thorough examination and taking X-rays, he determined he was a viable candidate for chiropractic care over medical treatment. After his first adjustment, Dr. Williams fell in love with chiropractic care—not only did he find success with his injury, but he knew that it was something he wanted to pursue for life.

Dr. Williams studied Biology at IUSB & Exercise Science at IUPUI. He attended the renowned Life University in Georgia where he graduated in 2016. Dr. Williams knows that chiropractic saved his life, and he wants to pay it forward to as many people as he can.


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