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13 Questions podcast

Mar 2, 2021

Tony Harvey is a leadership and management coach and trainer, a corporate facilitator, a writer and a speaker. His purpose and passion in life is to improve not just myself but to help others to be the best they can be. Tony is based in the East Midlands area of the United Kingdom, which he says is an ideal location from
which he can travel anywhere to work with others. He is married to Diane and they have a daughter who is a psychology and law graduate. Tony’s professional and personal focus is on success, by which he means achieving the vision and goals we set for ourselves and our enterprises. He is the author of, “Introducing the Success Cycle: six steps to achieving your dreams”, in which he explains and demonstrates his own model for achieving personal and collective success. He uses the model in his work and especially as a coach and facilitator. Away from his professional and business life Tony is a volunteer with The Scouts and an active Freemason. He credits Scouting with forming his core values and Freemasonry with polishing them as an adult. He has made contributions to both organisations at local and national levels, especially in the areas of volunteer management and training, and is active in promoting collaboration between the two. Tony believes we become our best when we challenge ourselves to learn, to lead, evolve, to adapt and to do our best for others.
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