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13 Questions podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Professor Radagast is a college professor at a Canadian post secondary institution.  He holds a Masters Degree in Education specializing in how people learn, student success, and digital technology.  His undergraduate degree had double majors in English and History.  He has a decade of industry experience and a decade of teaching college students under his belt.  His primary role as a professor is to help students prepare for college and build the skills they need to succeed which includes metacognition and personal development. He is a published researcher and author.

Outside of his professional life he is a husband and father of two children, and is also a musician and songwriter.  His five year plan includes fortifying his current homestead and exploring deep woods bushcraft and building a self sufficient nature escape property.  He values family, solitude, wisdom, and integrity. 

You can reach him at:

He wishes to remain anonymous in order to be as forthright as possible in this interview.

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