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13 Questions podcast

Oct 10, 2021

Jared Murphy's "It's Not Aliens, Worse, It's Us: Discovering Our Lost History" contains amazing new insights about our ancient history and our lost ancient advanced ancestors. Jared has been speaking about ancient advanced engineered soil found all over the earth and the very structures of ancient polygonal buildings and a never before researched aspect of the frequency technologies to build these amazing structures. Jared does field work, including a month last year with Michael Tellinger discovering new ruins in South Africa, Jared is planning new archaeological work at America's Stonehenge, South America and the Grand Canyon.


Jared's Work is getting a lot of attention on Engineered soil, bioengineered ancient advanced humans that may appear alien now but are in fact survivors of many ancient catastrophes. 


Jared hosts a show on and on his Rokfin channel, Co-host Conflict Radio Network on Youtube with 54,000 subscribers, appears monthly on Spaced Out Radio, Forbidden Knowledge News,, The Cosmic Salon, Dark Hour Paranormal, Everything Imaginable, 3beards,  many more and has been on Coast to Coast, Richard Hoagland's After Midnight and many more.


Jared reaches with over 290,000 subscribers on the regular channel appearances and has 45-60.000 downloads monthly and on network shows like Spaced Out Radio and Night Dreams Talk Radio, Richard Syrett's Radio shows, Jared reaches over a million on syndicated radio.





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