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13 Questions podcast

Dec 26, 2022

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Joel Tauber sparks discourse and facilitates change via direct actions and interventions, video installations, films, photographs, public art, podcasts, and written stories.

Joel Tauber (he/him; born in 1972; Boston, MA, USA) comes from a long line of rabbis, including the Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Aszód (1796-1866) of Hungary. Tauber spent 12 years studying Jewish philosophy and religion in Hebrew and ancient Aramaic at the Maimonides School (Boston, MA, USA), where he was valedictorian. Afterwards, Tauber went to Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) to prepare to become a doctor but changed course when he took a sculpture class with the critic, art historian, and conceptual artist Ronald Jones; who showed him the potential that art has to generate discourse and facilitate change.

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