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13 Questions podcast

Sep 18, 2021

When Matt DiBara was struck by a car that ran a traffic light and herniated two discs in his back, he went the traditional route, seeing doctors, physical therapists, and following their advice--stretching, yoga, heating pads, ice packs, and anything else the medical community recommended. After almost 6 months of depression, weight gain, pain medicine, a cortisone shot, and still in pain, something needed to change. Matt DiBara leaned on the healthiest person he knew for answers. “Matt, can you help me? No one can seem to get me back on track with this, I feel good for a few weeks and then it is right back to the pain as soon as I stop the regiment, I can’t see a physical therapist the rest of my life.” Matt’s answer “give me a few days”.


A few days passed and a custom workout plan was created, with exercises specific to the injury, a meal plan, targeted cardio, pre-workout SMR and post-workout stretching, and even a list of motivational videos and music to break Matt DiBara out of his depression to keep him motivated through the exercises. The workout plan consisted of three days in the gym, as Matt Wilbur stated, “If you continue to do the exercises at the correct form and tempo you don’t need to be in the gym for hours everyday. “

A few weeks passed, the weight shed, the pain began to subside, and most of all Matt DiBara’s mood shifted. Matt reached back out to his good friend and asked him how he did it, his answer, “Simple, I built up the antagonist muscle groups to further support the injured area.” Matt DiBara was amazed, and that is when the thought occurred to him. If Matt Wilbur was able to help his friends, family, clients, and Matt’s back injury, who else could benefit from this “lifestyle approach” to fitness.That single question changed the path to both of their lives.

On a bitter, snowy December morning, over two heaping plates of steak, eggs, and potatoes a handshake was made---and a rebellion was born-- The Fitness Rebellion.

This was the exact moment when competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Matt Wilbur and long time best friend and Entrepreneur Matt DiBara made a decision that would begin to re-shape the entire Fitness Industry and their lives.

It’s time for integrity. It’s time for sincerity. It’s time to take a stand, and pave a new road for those willing to travel it.


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