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13 Questions podcast

Mar 27, 2022

Denver Michaels is an author with a passion for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost civilizations and ancient history, and all things unexplained. In 2016, the Virginia native released his first book, People Are Seeing Something, which makes a case for the existence of lake monsters in the United States and Canada....

Mar 22, 2022

Mike Romanelli Jr. is a second generation restaurateur and host of The Free Thinker's Society podcast where Mike talks to other free thinkers about psychedelics, the universe entities and more.
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Mar 15, 2022

Keith Abraham served 9 years as a member of The Parachute Regiment, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Throughout the latter years of his military service and during his time working for an investment bank, Keith began experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. After exhausting the majority of services and...