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13 Questions podcast

Mar 9, 2021

KW Barrett was kicked out of the hospital of his birth to make space for wounded from the Attica prison riots, and for the last half century, his life continues to be one improbable event after another. After achieving a degree in creative writing, he continues to make decisions that prioritize meaning over money. Hailing from the burned over district that follows the Erie canal through Western New York, KW has found a renewed passion for magic, exposing conspiracies, and following whatever passion draws the interest of his terminally ADHD brain. Currently KW is creating the Grinnan Barrett tarot and oracle deck, starting a jewelry as tool of magic business called "Impossible Objects'' and developing a life coaching business along with founding a neoligious charity that will provide spaces and tools for the traumatized to retrieve the lost parts of their soul. Did we mention he is a wizard? 

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