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13 Questions podcast

Dec 31, 2022

Graham’s primary passions are podcasting, researching, and helping others. Obsessed with learning and self-improvement, Graham and Darren started The Grimerica Podcast in 2013. Their show has continued to grow into a sizable and loving community. Most recently he’s pursued a spin-off podcast, Grimerica Outlawed, and has narrated various audiobooks.

A fast-paced life of corporate ladder climbing and competitive sports eventually took its toll, and Graham got completely clean and sober in 2008. Every year since then has been an escalating pursuit into the esoteric, occult, and spiritual arenas. Somewhere along the way he found time to travel around the world, become a Reiki master, get certified in Addiction Studies, facilitate Buddhist meditative recovery meetings, coach hockey, and lead numerous CE-5 expeditions (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind). His journey has been one of achievement and compassion. Other professional management experiences includes Operations Manager at Premsteel Fabricators and several director positions with ACRO Aerospace: Director of Business Excellence, Director of Technical Services, and Director of Purchasing. However Graham’s current focus is on raising his awareness, and enjoying living outside the city with the love of his life, Marija. In what spare time he has, he makes his mark in the imagination of others with the unparalleled skill of Dungeon Master Supreme.

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